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Kèrrinyx Solaris!!

they/them · 29 · 🇻🇨🇨🇦

Armed with a pen since they were young, Kerri's lifelong fascination with art and writing led to tales of love and redemption, characters overcoming hardships, and family born from bonds, each filled with magic.When they aren't writing or drawing, they're either gaming, reading... or taking an afternoon nap with their two cats, Luna and Seven.

content warning!
suicide & death idealization, self-harm, abuse, profanity, violence, blood/gore, substance use, and religious themes.

Adventure · Fantasy

For Abel, an eighteen-year-old with almost limitless potential, there was one dream he could never achieve: becoming king. His plan to take the throne away from his twin brother was through Armageddon—a legendary sword that would prove his worthiness.But when his brother suddenly disappears and Abel gets accused of killing him, he has no choice but to take on six trials in order to uncover the secrets behind these strange events.

𝄞 Do you take Commissions?
Yes! You can find them on my Ko-fi page. It's usually on a first-come, first serve basis. Please refer to my TOS before messaging.
𝄞 May I use your art as icons/headers?
As long as you credit me in your bio. absolutely.
𝄞 Can I repost/edit your work(s)?
No. Only individuals who commissioned me or asked for permission, can do so. Please refrain from uploading/editing my works to either claim as your own or sell it.
𝄞 What do you use for art?
A Wacom Cintiq 13HD, Clip Studio Paint and sometimes Photoshop for a few extra touchups.
𝄞 __How do you pick colours? __
I eyeball my colours, color pick to blend, and use gradient mapping.

Commission Status: Open
If you're interested in getting a commissions, make sure to read my TOS before placing an order at the link below.

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